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Already November and still no highlight for your Christmas party?

How about
something unique?

A water / wine tasting for your entire employees.

The program of your Christmas party is every year the same? Just a boring get-together without any highlight? You lack of ideas? How about a unique and individual water / wine tasting?


Together we will discover the special features of mineral waters in exciting 60 minutes and why mineral waters can have a significant influence on the taste of wine. By tasting three individual waters and three individual wines, we train your employees' sense of taste and analyze which water pairs with which wine or where to pay attention when drinking wine.


The tasting can be done on-site, online or as a mix of both. 

Wassergläser mit Weinflaschen für Wasser- / Weintasting
Geschenke für Weihnachtsfeiern. Wassertasting
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