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Explore the world of water now at home
with your personal Water Tasting

Tasting Boxes
 for home

Discover the world of water
together with your friends.


The content is always available online. You can decide when you want to start your tasting.


Invite your friends to the tasting. Each box contains enough water for up to five people.


Since the content is accessible online at any time, tasting can be done from anywhere.

What to expect?

Each tasting is divided into three sections:  

01 | The Introduction

Here you will learn about me, why I founded the SOMMCADEMY and what to expect in the next 60 minutes.

02 | The Theory

This video is about basic theoretical understanding.

What are the different types of water? How does water get its taste? What minerals can be found in water and what are they good for?

03 | The Tasting

Well trained, we then move on to tasting the individual waters. In addition to exciting stories, we look at mineralization and taste the individual waters.


In between there are always facts and figures.

Why you should be sure
to try this tasting

It's no secret that water is vital to our bodies. Our bodies are about 70% water, and we drink an average of 40,000 liters of it throughout our lives, each with its own DNA. With the #AWESOMM tasting boxes, you can taste different mineral and healing waters and learn about the fine but crucial differences. 


Promoting your daily water intake

Choosing the right water can have a big impact on how much water you drink. If you like the taste of water, you will automatically drink more of it. And while some people prefer slightly mineralized water, others prefer intensely flavored, highly mineralized water. With the #AWESOMM tasting boxes, you can find out which water suits you best.


The right mix of minerals

Different mineral and healing waters contain different minerals and trace elements that can have a positive effect on your health. Whether you are looking for water that is particularly rich in magnesium or calcium, the #AWESOMM tasting boxes allow you to try the waters that best meet your needs.

What does an #AWESOMM Tasting Box contain?

  • 6x individual mineral and healing waters

  • Up to five tasting charts for comparison and notes (number to mention during check-out)

  • Up to five reusable tasting sheets (number to mention during check-out)

  • 1x access to the online tasting (via e-mail)

Do you still have questions about the #AWESOMM Tasting Boxes?

Do you still have questions about the #AWESOMM Tasting Boxes?


Check out the blog ONE SIP AT A TIME to learn more about the tastings.

Do you prefer a personalized on-site tasting?

Many people don't realize that mineral waters have taste. Depending on the mineralization, water can taste bitter, sweet, salty, sour or metallic. Mineral waters can also differ in their mouthfeel. Accordingly, they have an influence on the taste of food and other drinks, such as wine or coffee.

I will help you to understand the differences and features of mineral waters - in combination with food and other drinks - through unique tastings. 


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