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Facts that you always wanted
to know about water

Christina Li 🇨🇦

Christina Li, Water Sommelier from Canada

Main job: Water Sommelier, Event Strategist

Origin: Canada

Academy: Doemens Academy

Water Sommelier since: 2017

Instagram: Cli.watersommelier

LinkedIn: Christina Li


What inspired you to become a Water Sommelière?

Water is the missing link to wellness.

What is your superpower?

Decoding super complicated stuff into the 6-year-old language.

Can you share a memorable experience you've had as a Water Sommelière?

95% of the audiences of my workshops / seminars are dehydrated.

Still or Sparkling?


Low or high TDS?

High TDS

Salty or sweet?


What is your favorite water and why?

Vichy Catalan because of its complexity.

Please finish the sentence: Water for me is...


What do you believe is the future of the Water Sommelier profession?

We have to grow as a community.

We need to work together to better our world thru water.

We are the ones who will up the world’s appreciation in water.

How do you think valuing water contributes to a more sustainable future?

It’s elemental. No water no life.

Immediate steps to be taken include utilizing our collective efforts to pause and reduce water pollution, protecting our water sources by strict governance.

What else would you like to share with the community?

Let’s better the world together with water - the universal language.

Christina, thank you for the interview!

Best regards

Timo Bausch

Certified Water Sommelier


You are also a Certified Water Sommelier and would like to introduce yourself to the community? Then write me a short e-mail with the keyword "SOMMUNITY" to


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