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Facts that you always wanted
to know about water

Jan Vokurka 🇨🇿

Jan Vokurka, Water Sommelier from Czech Republic

Main job: CEO at Kitl & Vratislavická kyselka

Origin: Czech Republic

Academy: Doemens Academy

Water Sommelier since: 2021

E-Mail: -


Instagram: Honza.Vokurka

LinkedIn: Jan Vokurka


What inspired you to become a Water Sommelier?

Rescue of the brownfield "Vratislavická kyselka" and revival of the 160-year-old brand of the best mineral water

What is your superpower?


Can you share a memorable experience you've had as a Water Sommelier?

It's a strange and quite untransferable feeling when you order your own mineral water in a restaurant incognito.

Still or Sparkling?


Low or high TDS?

High TDS

Salty or sweet?


What is your favorite water and why?

Can I say something other than Vratislavická kyselka? (and by the way, it's true)

Please finish the sentence: Water for me is...

bread. Daily bread.

What do you believe is the future of the Water Sommelier profession?

First of all, water sommelier is not a profession, it's a calling. And second, in a hundred years, we'll all be water sommeliers.

How do you think valuing water contributes to a more sustainable future?

I answered in the previous question 🙂

What else would you like to share with the community?

I will personally guide any water sommelier with a Doemens certificate through the Vratislavická kyselka factory.

Jan, thank you for the interview!

Best regards

Timo Bausch

Certified Water Sommelier


You are also a Certified Water Sommelier and would like to introduce yourself to the community? Then write me a short e-mail with the keyword "SOMMUNITY" to


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