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The Bundesliga clubs and their water sponsors: Season 23/24 ⚽️💧

The Bundesliga has started its 61st season. I analyzed which bottlers are supplying the clubs with natural mineral water for the new season. There are some surprises.

Only for one club was I could not identify the partner. At the press conference, there was only a PET bottle without a label. Below you can see which club it is:

Many greetings

Timo Bausch

Certified Water Sommelier


About Timo Bausch

My fascination with mineral waters began in 2016 during my training as a Water Sommelier. Since then, I have been exploring the characteristics and diversity of water. In addition to pairing water with food, wine, coffee and other beverages, I offer the creation of water menus for restaurants and hotels. Furthermore, it is also important to me to draw attention to the importance of drinking water.


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