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Water menu

Tell me what you eat and
I will tell you what to drink

Build loyal guests with expertise and the right choice of waters 

As the manager of a restaurant, a hotel or a winery, you know that only a returning guest is a good guest. In order to achieve this, not only does the ambience and the food have to be right, but also the perfect pairing between the dishes and the drinks.  

Water can play a crucial role in this, as it can impact both the taste of the food and the accompanying drinks. What's the point of serving the best wine if the flavor is ruined by the wrong water?

It is therefore important to offer your guests the most suitable mineral water with the dishes and accompanied drinks. The water menu not only shares interesting insights for your guests, but it also allows you to stand out from the competition.

I will help you to putting together the right selection of waters for your individual water menu. You can decide on your desired service level, from the creation of the water menu to a joint tasting at your place.

Wasserkarte, Wassermenü, Wasserbuch für Restaurants, Hotels, Weingüter
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