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About me

The AHA effect after the first tasting is what drives my actions

Timo Bausch

Hello, I'm Timo - I am passionate about the diversity and features of mineral waters - among themselves and in combination with food, wine, coffee and other drinks. This passion I want to share with you.

I am a certified Water Sommelier (Doemens), Entrepreneur and Key Account Manager, working for several years in the food industry.  

How did I become a Water Sommelier?

Through my job as a Key Account Manager, I am working together with one of the largest German water companies since years. In 2016, an advertisement from the Doemens Academy in a magazine grabbed my attention for a training to become a Water Sommelier, which I successfully completed in 2017.

From the first minute I was fascinated by the diversity of natural mineral waters. Similar to us humans, all waters have their own DNA. It becomes particularly interesting when you compare different waters with each other or combine them with food and other drinks.  

My goal is to show people the special features and diversity of mineral waters and to point out the positive effects they have on our bodies - the AHA effect after the first tasting is what drives my actions. ​

Are you looking for a water menu or would you like to book a tasting for your event? Then write to me or sign up for the non-binding pre-registration for one of the tastings.

Wassersommelier Timo Bausch hält Glas mit Wasser in der Hand

Certified Water Sommelier since 2017

& Water Sensory Expert 2022

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