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Facts that you always wanted
to know about water

Why every company should provide free water to employees 🤜🏽🤛🏽

Timo Bausch, kostenloses Wasser für Mitarbeiter

We humans are about 70 percent water. Our organs, such as the brain, lungs and blood, are more than 75 percent water. For example, about 1,400 liters of water flow through our brain every day. Therefore, the proper functioning of the various organs depends on a good water balance.

If we drink too little, the lack of fluid in our body quickly becomes noticeable and has a negative effect on our physical and mental performance. Headaches, fatigue and lack of concentration are just three signs of dehydration 🥴

In order for employees to perform at their best, both physically and mentally, it is important to drink enough fluids throughout the day. Employers should take an interest in this, too, and provide opportunities to stay hydrated 💪

If you as an employer have any questions on this topic or would like to have a presentation on water and its importance for your employees, please contact me.

Many greetings

Timo Bausch

Certified Water Sommelier


About Timo Bausch

My fascination with mineral waters began in 2016 during my training as a Water Sommelier. Since then, I have been exploring the characteristics and diversity of water. In addition to pairing water with food, wine, coffee and other beverages, I offer the creation of water menus for restaurants and hotels. Furthermore, it is also important to me to draw attention to the importance of drinking water.


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