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hr-fernsehen visits Wiesbaden 🎥

Last week, Michael Rothemund and his team from hr-fernsehen visited me in Wiesbaden. They wanted to know more about the role of a Water Sommelier and how water affects the taste of coffee and wine.

Visiting Kaufmanns

First I took the team to Jens Kaufmann´s coffee store in the Jawleksystraße. Jens had prepared a delicious espresso for us early in the morning, which we then tasted with three different mineralized waters. I was pleased that Michael and his team were able to recognize the huge differences in taste between the waters and their influence on the espresso.

⭐️ Tip: If you want to learn more about the topic of water and coffee, you can find the recently published article about the joint tasting with Jens Kaufmann here.

Afterwards we went to the Kochbrunnen, where we tasted the 67 degree hot water, which is several thousand years old and very rich in minerals. In the meantime, I had told Michael and his team that Wiesbaden is the only city in Europe with 26 hot springs. After a few questions about my favorite waters, the challenges of being a Water Sommelier and how to become the Mineral Water Sensory Expert of the year, we went to see Claudio Falanga at the vinotheque "tre".

Visiting the Vinothek tre

Claudio welcomed us warmly. He showed us his wide selection of top wines. Of course, we didn't want to miss the opportunity to test the influence of mineral water on the taste of wine. Together with Claudio we chose a delicious and acidic white wine from Italy.

During the tasting, we talked about the role a water sommelier can play in a restaurant or a vinothek, and how a water menu can help engage and inspire guests by asking specific questions and recommending the right water to pair with wine and food. In particular, Claudio was surprised to learn how much a water can influence the acidity of the wine we choose.

⭐️ Tip: To learn more about how water affects wine, read the article "The golden rule for water & wine".

Finally, I showed the TV team the variety of premium waters in high-quality glass bottles. Michael was very surprised at the design of the bottles and at the sometimes high prices that some of the wells charge for a bottle of water. But one thing is for sure, on the tables of top restaurants, they make a splash and get people talking.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jens, Claudio, Michael and his team for an unforgettable day.

And now have fun watching the video (also available on YouTube at the hrfernsehen channel/ unfortunately only in German).

Many greetings

Timo Bausch

Certified Water Sommelier


About Timo Bausch

My fascination with mineral waters began in 2016 during my training as a Water Sommelier. Since then, I have been exploring the characteristics and diversity of water. In addition to pairing water with food, wine, coffee and other beverages, I offer the creation of water menus for restaurants and hotels. Furthermore, it is also important to me to draw attention to the importance of drinking water.


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