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Paketinhalt 6 Flaschen Wasser, Tastingunterlage und Notizen



The #AWESOMM TASTING BOX LAUT contains six carbonated mineral and healing waters. Perfect for people who like it sparkling.



  • Content

    • 6x different sparkling mineral waters
    • 5x tasting sheets for comparison and notes
    • 5x reusable tasting sheets
    • 1x access to the online tasting including instructions


    • The #AWESOMM TASTING BOX LAUT will be shipped to your home upon order. With convenient access to the online tasting via the Internet, you can decide when, where and with whom you want to do the tasting.
    • Note: Tasting glasses are not included. Price plus shipping.


    • Price plus shipping costs (6,90€), no VAT according to § 19 UStG
  • Duration

    The tasting session lasts approximately 60 minutes and is divided into the following three parts:


    01 | The Introduction

    Here you will learn about me, why I founded the SOMMCADEMY and what you can expect in the next 60 minutes.


    02 | The Theory

    This video is about basic theoretical understanding.

    What are the different types of water? How does water get its taste? What minerals can be found in water and what are they good for?


    03 | The Tasting

    Well trained, we then move on to tasting the individual waters. In addition to exciting stories, we will look at the mineralization and sensory characteristics of each water.


    In between there are always facts and figures.

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