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Elotrans out of stock? I'll tell you an alternative to do it yourself!

Elotrans is a preparation from Stada that is recommended for use in cases of severe gastrointestinal or diarrheal disorders. In recent months, this medication has been recommended on Social Media in particular as a miracle cure for long party nights. On Instagram alone, Elotrans has over 12,600 followers. The trend is so big that the product is repeatedly sold out in Germany. The pharmacists' association even warns of supply bottlenecks. In order that especially those (especially infants and toddlers) who really need the medicine urgently can access it again, I'll tell you a simple alternative to make yourself.

What are electrolytes and how do they work?

Electrolytes are electronically charged minerals such as sodium, potassium, chloride or hydrogen carbonate. They help the body regulate nerve and muscle functions, balance the acid-base balance and keep the water balance stable. Sodium in particular helps maintain fluid levels. Since our body cannot produce these substances itself, they must be taken in through food. You can find minerals, for example, in numerous vegetables and fruits as well as nuts. In the case of diarrhea or severe gastrointestinal disorders, the body loses large amounts of water, minerals and digestive juices, which can lead to dehydration ("drying out"). This can happen quickly, especially to young children and the elderly. However, dehydration can also occur during extensive sports or during a long stay in the sun, always when the body does not absorb any or too few fluids and electrolytes over a longer period of time. Electrolyte solutions, infusions or Elotrans help to quickly compensate for the loss of fluids by supplying the body with important minerals, salts and glucose.

What components does Elotrans contain?

In one bag of Elotrans á 6.03 grams are the following active ingredients:

  • 4 g D-glucose, or commonly known as glucose or dextrose.

  • 0.7 g sodium chloride or table salt

  • 0.59 g sodium citrate or sodium salt of citric acid

  • 0.3 g potassium chloride

How can I prepare an electrolyte solution myself?

You can easily mix your own electrolyte solution at home or on the go before or after a long night of partying. Simply mix the ingredients below thoroughly until dissolved.


  • 500 ml mineral water

  • 1 teaspoon of honey or 7 teaspoons of dextrose

  • 1/2 teaspoon of Himalayan salt or table salt

  • 150 ml orange juice Zutaten:

  • 500 ml Mineralwasser

  • 1 Teelöffel Honig oder 7 Teelöffel Traubenzucker

  • 1/2 Teelöffel Himalaya- bzw. Kochsalz

  • 150 ml Orangensaft

Mineral Water: A natural mineral water may already naturally contain many electrolytes. I recommend a water with a total mineralization of over 2,500 mg per liter. This provides the body with many minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium or hydrogen carbonate from the water alone. The total mineralization is often shown on the label of the water, as you can see on the right picture.

Dextrose: Dextrose is found in numerous natural foods in the form of D-glucose, such as in carrots, tomatoes, grapes or even honey. The last contains per 100 g a whole 33.9 g glucose.

Himalayan salt: Himalayan salt consists of approximately 98 percent common salt. It also contains many other important minerals. If available in your region, you can also use a mineral water with a lot of sodium chloride (> 500 mg per liter ).

Orange juice: Unfortunately, mineral water contains very little potassium by nature. Orange juice is different. It contains 180-200 mg per 100 g of orange juice. Alternatively, you can eat a banana (about 350 mg per 100 g) or apricot (1,100 mg per 100 g) with the water-salt-sugar mixture. By the way, the homemade electrolyte solution is also suitable for intensive workouts, long runs or on long and very warm summer days. Attention: By sweating, your body loses not only electrolytes but also water. Therefore, you should pay particular attention to your water balance and drink plenty of water throughout the day. The manufacturer of Eltrans, by the way, also points out a sufficient intake of fluids in addition to the therapy with the medication. In this sense: #staydydrated

Best regards

Timo Bausch

Certified Water Sommelier

PS: By the way, excess minerals are usually excreted through the urine.


About Timo Bausch

My fascination with mineral waters began in 2016 during my training as a Water Sommelier. Since then, I have been exploring the characteristics and diversity of water. In addition to pairing water with food, wine, coffee and other beverages, I offer the creation of water menus for restaurants and hotels. Furthermore, it is also important to me to draw attention to the importance of drinking water.


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