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Facts that you always wanted
to know about water

Mark Brons 🇳🇱

Mark Brons, Water Sommelier from the Netherlands

Main job: Sales

Origin: Netherlands

Academy: Fine Water Academy

Water Sommelier since: 2022


Instagram: Sommeleau

LinkedIn: Sommeleau


What inspired you to become a Water Sommelier?

During COVID I was watching Netflix, Down to Earth. I saw Martin Riese explaining everything about waters. I wanted to taste the differences so I looked those waters up at the internet. However, they were not for sale in the Netherlands. I realized that of all the mineral waters we only know a few in the Netherlands. That’s why people think that water is just water. While in fact it is not. I discovered a whole new world, full of experiences. That was when I decided that I wanted to become a Water Sommelier.

What is your superpower?


Can you share a memorable experience you've had as a Water Sommelier?

Every time a tasting brings the appreciation of water to participants and makes them realize that water does have taste and that they should be grateful that we have such good drinking water in the Netherlands.

Still or Sparkling?


Low or high TDS?


Salty or sweet?


What is your favorite water and why?

It depends on the occasion, but I carefully selected the founding four of Sommeleau: Cedea, ISKLD, Perlage and Vellamo.

Please finish the sentence: Water for me is...

infinitely versatile.

What do you believe is the future of the Water Sommelier profession?

In my view we are just at the beginning. As long as restaurants only ask you “still or sparkling”, our job is not done yet. We are the ones who should make people aware that water is not just water and that people should appreciate the water that they have always taken for granted.

How do you think valuing water contributes to a more sustainable future?

Water is the most sustainable drink in itself. If we make people realize that then we will manage to protect and preserve water at its highest quality.

What else would you like to share with the community?

We are in this together. Water is a universal gift. So its value is not only appreciated in a fine dining setting but in the world as a whole. We can help each other to share the experience that water is not just water.

Mark, thank you for the interview!

Best regards

Timo Bausch

Certified Water Sommelier


You are also a Certified Water Sommelier and would like to introduce yourself to the community? Then write me a short e-mail with the keyword "SOMMUNITY" to


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